20th january - 18th february

Aquarius is the eleventh element of the European zodiac and is ruled by the planet Uranus. From the list of primordial elements of the Universe, the sign of Aquarius is given the Air - it is the sign of the air. Along with Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, Aquarius is part of the group of fixed zodiac signs. To enjoy the astral protection offered by Aquarius, you must have been born between January 20th and February 18th. In general, people born in the sign of Aquarius are a nature: friendly, independent, intuitive and with a very pleasant company. Aquarius will never limit himself to what is being asked of him, he will always try to offer more. In terms of partnerships, Aquarius integrates very well every time, and those around him will never get bored of him. Looking at things from a different perspective, those born in the sign of Aquarius are people with a developed sense of aesthetics. They know how to appreciate beautiful and quality things.As for the negative traits of people born in the sign of Aquarius, they cannot necessarily be considered negative, but they are not good either. Aquarius likes to be quite closed-minded, they don't like to share with others what they really feel. Even if in a group, its members will be satisfied with the performance of Aquarius, what Aquarius feels is not always what he offers. On the other hand, Aquarius cares a lot about their own opinions, if you ever get into a contradictory discussion with them it is clear that this will be a controversy. According to the beloved zodiac, on a sentimental and relational level, people born in the sign of Aquarius get along best with people born in Gemini and Libra.